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Hunters Guild was formed over six years ago.  The main theme of the guild then and now has always been fun and friendship.  We defend all guild members fiercely in  all situations both inside and ouside of our Guild.  We are a very helpful, layed back type of Guild.  We always listen to members needs and ideas. We also try very hard to make sure our members have the best we an supply in gear and enhancements so individual members can be great and as a whole we can be awsome.  We offer various contests on a regular basis so that members have extra ways to earn gold and prizes but also have fun while competing. Turning level 80 is a momentus event and to show our support and pride in that person we send them some kind of epic item that will benefit them.  We show our Guild that good deeds do not go unnoticed by our members and the members that really stand out are sent letters of appreciation and thanks plus some kind of gift to enhance their character.  We are not a raid guild but we offer members the opportunity with scheduled raids and dungs for all lvls. All in all, our members are happy and proud to be apart of the Hunters Guild

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